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France University Hospitals

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Why medical treatment in a French University Hospital (CHU)?
The excellence of French UHs

The French UHs are 32 state-of-the-art care facilities which characteristics are:


  • International coverage of academic hospital medicine which has a record of 112 world premieres
  • New approaches to health cares with an integrated campus
  • Renowned expertise in tackling rare diseases
  • Health care quality governed by an independent public institution with certified practices and monitored by health indicators at all times.
  • Recognized excellence in training, combining teaching, care and research. which culminates with 3 Nobel Prizes awards in Medicine since 2008.


Last point, you don’t have to wait more than 4 months in 93% cases of scheduled surgical operations to get access to health cares. 


Choosing a UH

Getting medical care in a France University Hospital

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 All cities where UHs are located are served by an airport and a TGV station.

Welcoming international patients

To meet the national welcoming strategy for international patients to the French territory, the committee on international relations of the University hospitals chief executives assembly would propose a charter for UHs, committing each signatory to respect common values and best practices. The aim is to define a high level of quality in its international patients’ reception and care respecting care quality and security requirements.

Charter (full text) 

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Welcome to France University Hospitals

Se faire soigner dans un CHU de France

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Les rendez-vous santé

  • 31 janvier : journée Mondiale des lépreux, dernier week-end de janvier
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 février : journées nationales de la prévention du suicide
  • 4 février : journée mondiale contre le cancer
  • 6 février : journée internationale contre les mutilations génitales
  • 14 février : journée nationale de sensibilisation aux cardiopathies congénitales (St Valentin)
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