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Angers University Hospital

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CHU d'Angers

Angers University Hospital


Contact international relations : SAFGestionPayants@chu-angers.fr

Angers University Hospital, health reference hub, has a triple mission in healthcare, teaching and research. 

It is, both a hospital that takes in patients from its area and a specific expertise center with a national recognition. It daily conciliates innovation and solidarity. With 8 medical poles and 60 clinical and biological departments, CHU’s healthcare capacities cover every speciality in medicine, surgery and biology, where rare and complex cases are managed in 12 reference, resources and competences centers. 

Patients are cared by staff members that both work at the Hospital and the faculty of Medicine. They daily use cutting-edge equipment. 

Pursuing a quality approach, the Angers Hospital puts at first rank the quality of healthcare delivery to patients. A quality approach that it must sustain as it one of the first healthcare providers in the area: 176 000 patients a year, 1 487 beds and places.  

Angers University Hospital is a founding member of “UNAM” (University Nantes, Angers, Le Mans), research and university center.  

The Hospital is the first employer in the town of Angers - one of the first employers in the Region Pays de la Loire - with 6 300 employees. It also contributes in the training of future healthcare professionals - doctors and all other healthcare workers. Due to this position, Angers University Hospital is a social actor and very important partner for all the other public or private health companies in the region.

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  • 6 novembre : journée nationale contre l'herpès
  • 12 novembre - 22 novembre : semaine nationale de la solidarité
  • 14 novembre : journée mondiale diabète
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