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Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Marseille

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CHU d'Amiens

Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Marseille


Contact international relations : excellencecare@ap-hm.fr

Excellence for all everyday

Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Marseille is ranked 3rd University hospital Centre for its size and its activity. AP-HM is a referral hospital at regional, national and international levels. Good health is priceless, therefore AP-HM professionals provide public services for all 24 hours a day all year round. They treat all patients and support solidarity and humanity values.

Unique experts serving patients

Medical and health-care teams are committed in a dynamic of excellent cares and they provide expertise in every specialty for all ages, including complex pathologies treatments: AP-HM comprises 6 centres of reference for rare diseases, 1 regional centre for severe burns and 2 maternities with level 3 units. 260 transplantations are performed each year. AP-HM teams are also leaders in paediatrics and neonatal medicine, infectiology (Méditerranée University Hospital Institute for Infections opening soon), neurosciences and neurosurgery, genetics, cancerology, traumatology, organs transplantations, haematology, immunology, more particularly with Marseille Immunopole (French immunology cluster), cell therapy etc.

Marseille hospital medical teams conduct regularly European and world premieres by introducing new surgical techniques and new treatments or using a cutting-edge equipment.

Due to their internationally recognized expertise, they also take part in numerous international congresses while ensuring students and trainees mentoring and training.

A unique technical platform for all examinations and treatments

All diagnostic and interventional examinations can be performed at AP-HM thanks to the latest generation technical platform: gamma knife Icon, Pet Scan, open MRI scanner, VMat equipment, Da Vinci robot, femtosecond laser, mobile scanner in neurosurgical operating rooms. This advanced technological level corresponds to medicine and research increasing quality requirements.

 A unique research for tomorrow’s medicine

AP-HM is ranked 3rd French pole for medical research. The main research topics developed by AP-HM and Aix-Marseille university contribute to invent tomorrow’s medicine. Patients benefit from research progress and can contribute to its improvement by taking part in clinical tests. AP-HM participates in 1285 research programs and published 1680 articles, of which 378 in A-ranked journals (2015 figures).

AP-HM Key figures

  • 4 hospitals
  • 3 400 beds
  • 12 000 employees
  • 2 000 doctors

Each Year

  • 125 000 admissions
  • 70 000 interventions
  • 200 000 emergencies
  • 900 000 consultations
  • 5 500 births
  • 3 000 tons of linen washed
  • 2 800 000 meals served



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  • 18 décembre : Journée internationale des migrants
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