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Greater Paris University Hospitals

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Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris

Greater Paris University Hospitals


Contact international relations : VEBER Florence, IRD Director
+33 1 40 27 52 42

Greater Paris University Hospitals is a public health establishment with 7 affiliated universities. Greater Paris University Hospitals comprises 39 hospitals treating 7 million patients a year for consultations and emergencies, scheduled hospitalizations or at-home care. It is the largest university hospital centre in Europe, with its sites essentially located in Paris’ area. 

Greater Paris University Hospitals provides healthcare, teaching and research activities. Access to its healthcare is guaranteed to all, 24 hours a day, without economic or social distinction. Greater Paris University Hospitals has emergency departments that handle over 1.3 million people. It is also a referral hospital for rare diseases and cutting-edge disciplines. It runs 4 SAMUs (emergency medical assistance services) for pre-hospital emergencies. It also particpates in public health programmes. 

Historically known for the quality of its teaching, Greater Paris University Hospitals also trains foreign health professionals – around 500 physicians per year – participating in a long tradition of international cooperation. It produces 50% of the clinical research in France and registers numerous patents. Thereby Greater Paris University Hospitals was ranked 7th by the international SCImago ranking in 2016. 

Greater Paris University Hospitals promotes innovation in many areas. Over the past 15 years, it has undertaken many operations to modernise and restructure its hospitals and continuously optimises its range of healthcare services. 

On an international level, Greater Paris University Hospitals is developing the exportation of its expertise by setting up hospital partnerships, positioning itself as a leading consultant in medical strategy or hospital building, as well as offering high level training. 

Greater Paris University Hospitals has adopted a new policy to improve the admission of non-resident foreign patients.

This new policy, which respects the prerogatives of the socially-covered resident patients, is organized along three axes :

  • a more visible and better organized treatment offer identifying labelled departments and departments having expressed the willingness to welcome non-resident foreign patients ;
  • an offer for specific service better adapted to the expectations of non-resident foreign patients;
  • a pre-payment modality based upon the identification of financially attractive all-in packages for adult, as well as for children, patients.
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