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Poitiers University Hospital

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CHU Poitiers

Poitiers University Hospital


Contact international relations : Cécile BENEUX, Head of International Cooperation
+33 5 49 44 32 00

Poitiers university hospital centre is a referral care facility with a regional focus on the North of the nouvelle Aquitaine region. It ensures care, teaching and research missions. It offers over 1,900 beds and accommodations on 3 sites: Poitiers, Lusignang and Montmorillon. 

As a referral centre, the UHs within its catchment area must refer all patients with a complex pathology to Poitiers UH. 

Poitiers UH axis of excellence:


  • Cancerology (2 TEP, 4 accelerators, Jacie accreditation in haematology).
  • Neurosciences, mainly for Parkinson’s disease treatment, awake surgery and persistent chronic pain
  • Kidney transplantation, liver transplantations research and coordination with FHU (Hospital-University Federation) which brings together Poitiers, Tours and Limoges UHs.
  • Cardiology and cardiac surgery, with the latest cardiovascular centre opening. This achievement enables Poitiers UH initiating an innovating process. It gathers every human and technical skill in cardiology, neurovascular medicine, imaging, emergencies and resuscitation around cardiovascular pathologies to offer patients quick and overall treatments. Poitiers UH regional action is strengthened due to a performant technical platform including mainly 1 RMI 3 Tesla scanner, 1 high-speed cardiac scanner, 1 hybrid room, 1 multimodal operating room for neurosurgery.

Poitiers UH also develops other innovations related to medical robotics. Since November 2015, Poitiers UH has been equipped with the latest generation Da Vinci XI robot to perform complex and difficult surgeries. Thanks to image-guided minimally invasive surgery, surgeons access to organs easily with pinpoint accuracy. Poitiers UH organisational asset has been to make the surgical robot available for several surgical specialties within a very short time: urology, visceral surgery, gynaecology, cardiothoracic surgery. These good conditions have enabled a quick workload increase and the performance of about 200 interventions a year.

Four Inserm labelled research units work on topics such as ischaemia reperfusion and organs preservation (two major steps of the transplantation process), antibiotics pharmacology and aging pathologies (Alzheimer, Parkinson). They aim to understand those pathologies origins and to offer new therapeutic approaches to important public health challenges. The fourth unit is a clinical investigation centre providing researchers with equipment so they can conduct high-level quality work in the upmost conditions for patients.

Thus, Poitiers UH provides patients with technical and human excellence thanks to its investment capacity, size, medical teams and staff expertise and its willingness to anticipate future evolutions. Poitiers UH is renowned at regional and interregional levels and turned toward foreign patients. 

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