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Reims University Hospital

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CHU de Reims

Reims University Hospital


Contact international relations : Mrs Guillemette SPIDO Head of Finance and Invoice Department
+33 3 26 78 79 63

As referral health facility, Reims University Hospital Centre (UHC) leads care, teaching and research activities in connection with Reims Champagne-Ardenne faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.

Offering 2,385 beds and accommodations, hosting around 99,000 stays and sessions, dealing with 320,000 consultations and 76,000 emergency cases each year, Reims UHC ensures all the medico-surgical specialties, plus obstetric, follow-up and rehabilitation, psychiatric cares and housing for dependant elderly people (EHPAD). It develops mainly some cutting-edge activities, among which cardiac surgery, neurosurgery or interventional neuroradiology.

Reims UHC maternity comprises level-3 units, among which a neonatal resuscitation unit, and is specialized in pathologic pregnancies monitoring. From their births or their arrivals at the emergencies to their rehabilitations, Reims UHC ensures children medical monitoring, including medical and surgical cares. A paediatric oncology activity is also provided.

Cancer patients care development is one of the hospital’s major concerns. The UH provides treatments for patients with head and neck cancers, digestive and endocrine cancers, dermatologic cancers and gynaecologic cancers.

The hospital is currently committed in a real estate investments policy. Started in 2016 with the opening of a new paediatric hospital, this dynamic is pursued with the construction of a new building dedicated to dentistry which will open at the end of 2017. The construction of a building dedicated to biology and gathering the core part of biology activities for the Territory Hospital Group will start in 2017 and open in 2019. Eventually, the reconstruction of the main UH site is estimated at 380 million euros and the foundation stone will be laid at the beginning of 2019. This hospital project (2016-2020) goes with the architectural modernisation: it reinforces in its research project clinical research development objectives integrated to its intern contractualisation, but it also shapes its research governance led with the Champagne-Ardennes University and French public scientific and technological establishments (EPST) on Reims UHC site. 

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