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Saint-Etienne University Hospital

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CHU de Saint Etienne

Saint-Etienne University Hospital

CHU de Saint-Etienne
42 055 Saint-Etienne Cedex 2


Contact international relations : Juliette ANDRES, Deputy Director in charge of Medical affaires, Research and International Relations CHU Saint-Etienne
+33 4 77 12 70 50

Located at the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the University Hospital of Saint-Etienne (UHSE) is one of the biggest healthcare trusts of the area.  It offers a full range of specialties and general hospital services.

Our mission combines pioneering research, academic excellence and outstanding clinical care.

The UHSE also disposes of several reference centers in numerous specialties.

Fields of excellence

The CHU of Saint-Etienne is a driving force in the implementation of innovation in care, considering for example its rate of day-surgery among the most dynamic of the University Hospital in France or the development of the fast-track rehabilitation after surgery (RAC).

The establishment distinguishes itself in numerous disciplines: in cardiovascular surgery (1st replacement of the aortic valve by exclusively endoscopic way in the world in 2013), in digestive surgery (1st complete colectomy by coelioscopy in day-surgery in Europe in 2014), in nephrology and kidney transplant, or in rythmology (1st European center equipped with two automated stereotactic operating rooms) for rare neuromuscular diseases care, dermatology and pneumology (1st French and 3rd European center equipped with electromagnetic navigation) or for the treatment of eating disorders (1st French Center dedicated to eating disorders).

An innovative and performing technical platform

The UHSE is the only French hospital to make available to its surgical teams two different equipments of robotic surgery.

It has a complete, and performing technical platform.

The hospital sites, situated within the urban area of Saint-Etienne, are perfectly served by the public transportation and the main highways. A partnership with the association "La Maison de Jonathan" allows the stay of patients’ family members near the main site (Hôpital Nord).

A pioneering research

The UHSE structured its clinical research by federating the teams around four research topics :

  • Osteo-neuro-muscular treatments
  • Cardiovascular/haemostasis
  • Immunology, infectiology and transplantation
  • Cancer

The excellence of the Saint-Etienne research teams is recognized for several years with the labeling of national and inter-regional research programs. The haemophilia care center has also been labeled at an European level, among many more recognitions obtained by our teams.

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