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Tours University Hospital

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CHU d'Amiens

CHU Tours


Contact relations internationales : Thaïs RINGOT
More information : Medical Affairs Direction, International Relations Sector Thaïs RINGOT t.ringot@chu-tours.fr

Tours UH is a public University Hospital facility in the Centre Val de Loire region which counts 1991 beds and accommodations across 6 sites. Its 9,500 employees contribute daily to ensure its care, teaching and research missions.


Tours UH is a:


  • Neighbouring public health facility. 275 patients are treated in the adult and paediatric emergency services and an average of 1,500 patients is seen in consultation every day.
  • Referral and specialized facility at a regional level for axis of excellence such as cancerology (breast cancer, ovarian cancer, digestive cancers, sarcoma, paediatrics-oncology…), interventional techniques, paediatric cares (severely disabled children, metabolic diseases, child psychiatry service…)
  • Referral facility at an interregional level for some subspecialties such as adult and paediatric cardiac surgery, adult and paediatric neurosurgery, interventional neuroradiology, care for severe burns, organ (liver, heart and kidney) and hematopoietic stem cell transplants, genetics.


Close to the Val de Loire Medicine and Pharmacy University and in relation with the Regional Council, Tours UH welcomes in its services more than 1,400 interns and students each year and trains more than 1,200 professionals in paramedics and student midwives. It takes part in the regional approach animated by the Collegium Santé Val de Loire which promotes interprofessionalism in training. It also promotes innovating teaching methods such as healthcare simulation within the framework of the regional healthcare simulation training centre.


With a laboratory of biodrugs research of excellence (LabEx MAblmprove), 4 Inserm units, 2 CNRS joint research units, 2 INRA joint research units and 3 welcoming teams, Tours UH developed a strong identity in terms of research. Therapeutic antibodies, infectiology, neuropsychiatry and technological innovations are particularly developed and structured as axis of excellence in terms of clinical research.

Dynamic partnerships

As a support facility of the Val de Loire Hospital Group and as a Val de Loire university hospital facility, Tours UH develops dynamic territorial and regional partnerships, mainly to improve access for local patients to referral disciplines and to highly specialised technical platforms. Tours UH is a member of the health-care cooperation consortium HUGO (University Hospitals of the Great West region) and it takes part in the dynamic of partnership created at an interregional level in the areas of care, teaching and research.

It develops international partnerships with Marrakech UH and Fuijan Province of China. 

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